In order to make more consumers feel a sense of intimacy

In order to make more consumers feel a sense of intimacy, a large number of shops in the store chose the works of art collected in the Paris non-public museum Emile Hermes. Since 1975, Hermes opened the first boutique in the Chinese market in Hong Kong. Since then, there have been seven stores in Hong Kong, and the newly opened store is the largest. In general, Hermès’ large stores are called Maison Hermès, and such stores are opened in international financial cities such as Tokyo Ginza and Shanghai. Although this store is not Maison Hermès, it is also set up in Shanghai to expand the Chinese market. Hermès seems to have plans to spread the history and culture of the brand to the Chinese market in recent years. Dumas, CEO of Hong Kong who has accumulated many years of business experience in Hong Kong, said: ‘Since the first store was officially opened in China 43 years ago, Hong Kong has become a very important market. It can open a business in Hong Kong at a time of rapid economic growth. Large-scale stores are very beneficial to the brand to seize the best opportunity to open a broader market. Hermes always adheres to high standards of art and creativity, we want to convey more things to consumers through this store.’ In addition, responsible for the choice Pierre, the artistic director of Hermès, who decorates the interior of the store, also said that this is beyond the existence of the store itself. Hermès has a long history and has been changing and developing, hoping to meet consumers in such a “big house” store, and Share the brand culture of Hermes.