Customize the diamond ring with the story

Customize the diamond ring with the story and witness the love that does not forget the heart. On December 31, 2017, the wedding ring emotional brand PERFECT (Perfect Carat) entered the Shiyan Wanda, bringing a new wedding ring customization experience to the Shiyan lovers. On the day of the event, Vice President Li Quanxiang and a number of media friends attended the opening ceremony of the Shiyan Wanda Experience Store and held an award ceremony for the “Finding the Most Beautiful Love Story” selection event Fake Van cleef earring Jewelry. Love. The perfect carat Shiyan Wanda experience store is the main designer style, with blue and white tones, with a sophisticated metallic color, fresh, simple and design. In the transparent and simple window, you can see the diamond jewelry. Everywhere is a diamond custom manuscript containing a love story, and the entire experience store is elegant and charming. The rich designer art atmosphere Replica Van cleef earring, romantic and pure Aegean atmosphere, seems to be in the blue art palace. The store has dedicated a variety of design products that are creative and ingenious, creating an extraordinary shopping experience for guests. The ‘Aegean Sea’ series inspired by Aegean architecture and legends, the ‘FLORA’ series inspired by flowers, and the mysterious ‘Love Password’ series are suitable for different fashion tastes.