symbol Replica Van cleef earring

I have one of the most unique engagement diamond rings in the world. I think it is the happiest thing. No one, this wish husband helped me Fake Van cleef earring Jewelry. He commissioned a jeweler and personally participated in the design of a very special ring. All the design process and every detail, he clearly recorded in the diary, and gave it to me with the ring, I was so moved. The diamond cuts into my favorite symbol Replica Van cleef earring, shaped like an iris, which represents love and commitment. The engagement diamond ring in my hand can be regarded as a heirloom, passed from my grandmother to my mother, and the mother passed it on to me. I have experienced three generations of inheritance. On my wedding day, I put on this ring symbolizing eternal love. From this ring, I can fully feel the hot temperature, including the grandfather and grandmother’s whiteheads, the father and mother’s deep love, this love will follow our integration and pass on.