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When Xiaomei was 18 years old, her mother decided to send her a birthday present. Xiaomei said, I like bracelets, so my mother brought Xiaomei to the bracelet shop. After Xiaomei’s repeated selection, she finally chose an expensive bracelet. However, what puzzled her mother was that Xiaomei just bought the beautiful box, which made her a headache, and Xiaomei told her that the bracelet looks too ugly, I only like its beautiful packaging, and bet Speaking of this, the bracelet without the box is definitely not sold. Time has been 10 years. At an accidental gathering, Xiaomei was completely dumbfounded. She saw a beautiful lady with identity and status. She was wearing a hand that she thought was ugly 10 years ago and swears to sell. The bracelet that does not come out. This made it very difficult for Xiaomei to understand that someone would pay for it. Fan had an obsessive-compulsive disorder Fake Van cleef earring Jewelry. In order to understand the truth, she asked the lady. The lady told her to see something or someone. Don’t look at the surface, but look at its intrinsic value. Xiaomei doesn’t understand the truth. The person who can buy the bracelet without the box is definitely the one who really needs it. Her temporary waywardness,

childhood arbitrariness

however, allowed the bracelet to find its true owner. Another 10 years have passed, Xiaomei has become a local rich man through his own efforts. Because of her , she was unforgettable. She once again found the lady who said that she was too small and ignorant. She had obsessive-compulsive disorder and felt that life was not perfect. I hope I can buy it from your hand and throw it away. Bracelet, because whenever I see the empty box and what you have said to me, my heart is extremely uncomfortable and I can’t forget it for a long time. However, the lady said that it is easy to buy the entire bracelet store with your current price, but it is like the beautiful one that your mother would pay for you Replica Van cleef earring. The box is just an accessory. After many years, due to poor management, Xiaomei went bankrupt, and the temporary failure made her a man who lost her soul. When she met the lady again. The lady said to her friendly: In a few decades, because a bracelet let us meet each other, know each other, and know each other, I am now giving you a beautiful box, but it lacks the world’s ugliest bracelet.