Brahma Century brooch art exhibition in Chengdu

When it comes to the Vatican, we first think about the four-leaf grass, yes. Alhambra Four leaf grass jewelry is the most influential and the spread of a series of Brahma, the implication of health, wealth, love and honor of the lucky clover almost satisfied with all the good yearning, But in fact the word Alhambra does not have the meaning of the four-leaf grass.

The name actually stems from a historic Arabian palace in Granada, Spain, Alhambra Palace, a fountain with four-leaf lines flowing in the garden of the palace, a symbol that seems to have something in common with four-leaf grasses. Since the birth of the 1968 Alhambra four Clover series jewellery, it has captured a crowd of fans with lightning.

Many girls are attracted by the minimalist four-leaf grass design. It is not only a simple accessories, but also a girl for the beautiful things of a yearning, there is a symbol of the life of luck.

Because the four-leaf grass itself represents and lucky, with the necklace, diamond design to highlight its unique significance.

So I finally know why so many girls like the Brahma four-leaf series. Simple design style and fresh color matching have you been planting grass?