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Bulgari has always been good at integrating Italian aesthetics into the design of single items. How does this Italian culture reflect in this new watch? Even though I am a Swiss, I love Italy as well – it is relaxed, pleasant, colorful and elegant. This way of life is different from other places. It is different from life in Germany or France, and it is not the same as life in China. For example, when I was traveling in Beijing, I experienced a lot of traffic jams, but it is undeniable that this is also a unique life rhythm and way. As far as jewellery is concerned, when you compare it with other brands, you will find that Cartier or Tiffany is very traditional, and sometimes it is boring. But if you look at Bulgari, Bulgari is very colorful – it is unique, like a small universe composed of different elements. We are very esteemed for our ‘roots.’ From different ,

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such as serpenti Fake Van cleef earring Jewelry, LVCEA, Diva, and OCTO, you can often find elements that remind us that we are Roman. For example, Diva’s fan blade shape is inspired by the ancient Baths of Caracalla in ancient Rome. In China, the OCTO series has been very successful due to its love for the number 8. But the design of the OCTO is actually part of the history of ancient Rome – you can see the octagonal pattern in many ancient Roman cathedrals. For example, St. Mark’s Cathedral, its entire roof is made up of octagonal tiles. These are the details of our design that express Italian style and culture Replica Van cleef earring. Bulgari, which combines Italian art style with Swiss watchmaking skills, has developed into a new force that cannot be ignored in the international watch industry. Even though it is a relatively young brand compared to many other brands, it is such a four-world record that it has an unassailable position in the history of watchmaking in the 21st century. This time, with the new products at the Basel International Watch Fair, Bulgari has once again won international acclaim for its novel and unique brand charm.